St Louis Park High School, Minnesota Yearbooks - 1950 & 51

Here I am sitting with two well preserved copies of the Senior Yearbooks of Saint Louis Park High School, in (of course) St. Louis Park, Minnesota.  Our family has enjoyed browsing the books, looking for early pictures of self and friends.  But now we're done with that, have scanned relevant photos, and are ready to chuck them.

But, wait!  If you have an ancestor who graduated from St. Louis Park High in the early 1950's, you might want to have those early photos of your guy or gal.  So, I am going to hold on to these for a year and if someone contacts me asking me to search for a specific person, I can scan the relevant pages and email them out.  No cost to me, except for a little time, and teeny more damage to my cervical spine muscles from sitting in front of this damn desktop.  Worth it to link up descendents with grandmas, grandpas, etc.

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