Graduation from Florence Avenue School 1958

Here are a few photos I found of me and some of my 8th grade friends at my party celebrating our 1958 graduation from Florence Avenue School, Irvington, NJ.
Who were these young men and ladies?
Some I can recognize:  (left to right)
Rose Paragano
??? (hidden behind Rose)
Linda Goode (partially hidden)
Judy Lovell
Billy Famula (a delicious guy to a 13 year old girl!)
Herbie Eichorn (in back row)
Terry Green
Roberta Spagnola
Ann Forte
Carolyn Heerwagen (???)
Front Row of boys -
Paul Geyer (proving that men get better looking every year they live!)
John (Buddy) Mahler - my heart throb in 5th grade.
William Fiore - where are you, today, William?  Your were my Nemesis.  You bloodied my nose in 2nd grade, you stuck me with a pencil in 5th grade (I still have the blue mark in my arm), you blackmailed me in 3rd grade...  To paraphrase Michael Caine in "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels", "Wasn't he wonderful?"
Apologies to the ????'s   You were all adorable.  Isn't Rose's dress spectacular?  I wish I could tell her how much I loved her sweetness.  But she is gone.