Cornell University's Armenian Archaeological Dig

Here is a beautiful tour of remains of early Armenian civilization, uncovered by Cornell's archaeologists.  Perhaps this is where our Armenian Grandmother got the genes for reading the future in the remains of an empty coffee cup.

Vehslage Masonic Lodge of Irvington NJ

Here is a pamphlet listing all members of the  Vehslage Masonic Lodge of Irvington, New Jersey in 1922.  The Lodge was new in 1921.  It was named after the Reverend Henry Vehslage, pastor of the Reformed Church of Irvington.  That's all I know.  We found this in family papers.  I scanned and put it up for anyone searching an ancestor who might have been a Mason in vicinity of Newark or Irvington, NJ.

Vehslage Lodge - Irvington NJ 1922

I am no expert on the Masons or their Lodges in America.  Wikipedia can tell you all you need to know if you aren't either.